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"GB / T14824 High Voltage Generator Circuit Breaker" Standard Revision Conference Held in Xi'an

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The GB / T14824 High Voltage Generator Circuit Breaker Standard Revision Conference was held in Xi'an on January 30, 2018. Kong Xiangchong, Director of the Technology Center, participated on behalf of the group company.

This standard is the first real revision in China. The previous two versions were formulated based on IEC62271-37-082 and GB1984. With the application and development of the country in recent years, it has accumulated rich experience and discoveries. Many new requirements have been created, so according to the urgent needs of the industry, national standards that meet actual conditions need to be formulated.

The "fat-off" product is a subdivided field, but the technical level represents the highest level of switches and is one of the indicators to measure an enterprise's comprehensive capabilities.

Our company participated in the revision of the standard for the first time and made new preparations for understanding the product and subsequent technical reserves!