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The group company participated in the 8th Second Executive Council of High Voltage Switch

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The eighth session of the second executive director working meeting of the High Voltage Switching Branch of China Electrical Equipment Industry Association was held in Lishui, Zhejiang. The meeting was co-sponsored by Zhejiang Vanke Group. The group company appointed Kong Xiangchong, the director of the Technology Center, and Liang Jianfeng, the deputy general manager of the business unit to attend the meeting .

This conference mainly reported on industry activities in the past six months, and shared current technology hotspots. Since this year is the 60th anniversary of the establishment of the West High Court, the conference passed the 3rd meeting of the 8th in the second half of the year in Xi'an!

The meeting arranged a visit to the Lishui factory of Wankong Group. As a leader in the production of domestic cabinets, the company has relatively advanced concepts and models in the design process, manufacturing and management of low- and medium-voltage cabinets, which brings us to our subsequent work. Enlightened.