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Yihe Electric Group successfully hosted the first session of the eighth session of the China Power Industry High Voltage Switchgear and DC Power Standard Committee & the fifth session of the sixth session of the Gas Insulated Metal Closed Electrical Standard Committee

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From October 23rd to 25th, 2018, the eighth session of the eighth session of the China Power Industry Standardization Technical Committee for High-voltage Switchgear and DC Power Supply, and the fifth session of the sixth session of the Gas-insulated Metal-enclosed Electrical Standardization Technical Committee, organized by Yihe Electric Group, were on the west coast of Qingdao The new district was successfully held.

The meeting of the high-voltage switchgear and DC power standard committee was chaired by Wang Chengyu, deputy chairman of the standard committee, and secretary general Wang Chengyu. Make an important speech. The gas insulated metal-enclosed electrical appliance standardization committee meeting was chaired by Peng Jiang, deputy chairman of the bidding committee. Wang Yi, director of the China Electricity Union Standardization Center, Li Peng, chairman of the bidding committee, and Wang Chengyu, deputy chairman and secretary general, attended and made important speeches. . Liu Ranji, deputy director of the Industrial and Information Bureau of Qingdao West Coast New District (Huangdao District), congratulated the meeting. Xue Changqiu, chairman of Yihe Electric Group, addressed the conference. More than 170 members of the bidding committee, unit members and standard working group attended the meeting. .


Liu Ranji, deputy director of the Industrial and Commercial Bureau of Qingdao West Coast New District, pointed out that electricity is a key factor in promoting economic and social development and an important engine of economic development. The development of a region is inseparable from reliable grid protection. The West Coast New District of Qingdao is the ninth state-level new district approved by the State Council. Only after Shanghai Pudong and Tianjin Binhai, the government of the new district has always attached importance to the development of the electric power industry. It has been working closely with the national power grid to cultivate and support electric power such as Yihe Electric Group. Well-known local enterprises in the industry have made due contributions to China's power industry. This conference will definitely play a positive role in promoting China ’s power industry, especially in standardization. It is hoped that all power departments in the new area will attach great importance to this conference and make greater contributions to the new area in terms of military-civilian integration and conversion of old and new kinetic energy.

On behalf of the organizer, Xue Changqiu, Chairman of Yihe Electric Group, extended a warm welcome to the leaders, members and experts who attended the meeting! Xue Dong said that the Chinese Academy of Electric Power is shouldering the important task of promoting the scientific and technological progress of the power industry, and has provided strong technical support for the construction and development of the power industry. The reason why the Chinese power industry can develop rapidly and lead the world, The Commission's tremendous contribution to the formulation and promotion of power industry standards is inseparable. Later, Xue Dong introduced the development status of Yihe Electric Group, and said that the meeting was the largest and largest national power work conference hosted by Yihe Electric Group in the history. This was not only to promote the scientific and technological progress of the power industry, The industry standard operation is a good opportunity for industry experts to communicate with each other, enhance mutual friendship, and seek common development. Thank you for your attention and trust to the Yihe Electric Group and the care and support of leaders and members. Yihe will fully cherish this opportunity and provide an easy, efficient and meticulous service platform for the conference.

At this meeting, the high-voltage switchgear and DC power supply standardization committee selected Guidelines for the Selection of DC Transfer Switches for UHV + 800kV and Above UHV DC Systems, Technical Regulations for the Operation and Maintenance of DC Power Supply Devices for Power Systems, and Safety Guidelines for Operation and Maintenance Inspection Test of Inflatable Switchgear "," Technical Conditions for On-line Monitoring System of Valve-Controlled Sealed Lead-Acid Battery Packs for Electric Power "," DC Power System for Lithium Batteries for Electric Power Part 1: General and Safety Requirements "," The DC power supply system for lithium batteries for electric power Part 2: Technical requirements for lithium-ion battery packs. The submitted drafts submitted by the six standard working groups were carefully reviewed and formed into review opinions. Each working group revised and submitted the draft for approval. The meeting also discussed the standard application plan for 2019 and the work arrangements for the 2019 bid committee.

Gas Insulated Metal-enclosed Electrical Apparatus Standards Committee "Guidelines for Gas-Insulated Metal-Enclosed Switchgear Same Frequency and Same Phase AC Withstand Voltage Test Guide", "Technical Requirements for Pressure SF6 / N2 Mixed Gas Density Relays", "SF6 / N2 Mixed Gas Density Relay Calibration Technical Specifications for Inspection Equipment "," Technical Conditions for SF6 / N2 Mixing Ratio Detector "," Testing and Calibration Methods for SF6 / N2 Mixing Ratio Detector "," Guidelines for Application of GIS Bus and GIL Using SF6 / N2 Mixed Gas Insulation "VI The submitted drafts submitted by the item standard working group were carefully reviewed and formed the review opinions. Each working group revised and submitted the drafts according to the review opinions. The meeting also discussed the review and revision of standards and the work plan of the 2019 Bid Committee.

After the meeting, the participating leaders, members and experts paid a visit to the company's factory area to learn more about the development history and modern production technology of Yihe Electric Group for more than 30 years, and made rapid development of the company and the industry and standardization work. Contributions are fully affirmed.

Yihe Electric Group will always uphold the business philosophy of "benefiting the country and benefiting the people, harmonious and win-win" and the core values of "serving the society and creating life", actively grasp the industry dynamics, adhere to technological innovation, and make unremitting efforts for the development of China's power industry.