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Sales service hotline: 0532-58517159

YH-200 series intelligent control device

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Product name: YH-200 Series Intelligent Control Device

product description

YH-200 type new concept switch cabinet intelligent control device is powerful and suitable for 3-35KV indoor switch cabinets, such as center cabinets, trolley cabinets, fixed cabinets, ring network cabinets and other switch cabinets.

Performance characteristics

A dynamic simulation of FIG.

High voltage live display, automatic heating and dehumidification

Automatic fan cooling

Temperature and humidity numerical display, circuit breaker status indication

Energy storage indication, ground switch status indication

Trolley position indication, opening and closing circuit intact indication

Human body sensing and cabinet lighting, over-temperature alarm, voice anti-false alarm and other functions

Replace primary circuit simulation diagram, live display

Replaces automatic heating and dehumidification controller, breaker switch button

With RS485 communication interface

Make switch cabinets more intelligent, networked and digital

Convenient for users to set up and monitor remotely