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Sales service hotline: 0532-58517159

YHK41 Three Remote Box FTU

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Product Name: YHK41 Three Remote Box FTU

product description

The overhead “three remote” terminals are feeder terminals, which are installed at the distribution towers of distribution network overhead lines and towers. They cooperate with the switches to monitor the operation of the real-time power distribution system, complete data collection, line protection, switch control, and communication with the master station. And other functions to provide technical support for real-time monitoring and dispatching of the distribution network. It can cooperate with the master station to realize the centralized FA function, and can cooperate with the upper and lower terminals to realize the distributed FA function.

Performance characteristics

Three remote functions

Protective function

Intelligent distributed logic function

Remote / local operation

Power function

Communication function

Status indication

Data processing functions

Fault monitoring

Product Features

Three remote functions : telemetry, remote signaling, remote control;

Protection functions : three-phase three-section overcurrent protection function, zero sequence protection function, reclosing and blocking reclosing functions;

Intelligent distributed logic function : realizing the on-site clearing of faults, automatic isolation of faults, automatic transfer of power supply, automatic recovery of power supply in non-faulty sections; logical manual, automatic return and other functions;

Remote / local operation : The remote / local closing and closing operations are mutually blocked, and the control exit is controlled by the soft and hard pressure plates.
Power supply function : dual power supply switching, when AC power failure, automatic seamless switching to backup power supply, and automatic management (battery activation, alarm, protection) of backup power

Communication function : multiple network ports and serial ports, supporting multiple communication protocols;

Status indication : there are obvious local status indication signals such as operation, communication, and line failure;

Data processing function : Arbitrary configuration and combination of data sent from the master station; distribution transformer load rate, three-phase imbalance, telemetry over-limit, extreme value, qualified rate statistics, etc .;

Fault monitoring : fault indicator signal receiving and forwarding; cooperate with variable load cabinet to judge single-phase ground fault

Technical Parameters


Rated voltage

AC220V / 100V, accuracy ≤ 0.5%

Rated current

5A / 1A, accuracy ≤ 0.5%

Power (active, reactive, power factor)

≤ 1%

DC voltage

Accuracy ≤ 0.2%


Remote Signal Power

DC24V / DC48V adaptive

SOE resolution

≤ 2ms

Software anti-shake time

0-65535ms can be set

Single / double-point remote signaling is optional

Remote control

output method

Empty contact output, pulse quantity 1-65535ms can be set

Contact rating

AC 250V / 5A, DC 80V / 2A or DC 110 / 0.5A pure resistance load

Contact life

On / off ≥ 105 times