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Sales service hotline: 0532-58517159

YHK61 three remote type shielded vertical DTU

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Product Name: YHK61 Three-Remote-Shading Vertical DTU

product description

The cable “three remote” terminal is the station terminal. The station terminal is a power distribution terminal installed in the distribution network switch station, distribution room, ring network unit, box-type substation, etc. It can cooperate with the distribution network automation main station and sub-station system to realize the collection, control and protection functions of multiple lines of electricity, and can quickly locate fault areas, isolate and restore power to non-fault areas to improve power supply reliability. YHK series distribution network automation device uses high-performance 32-bit microprocessor as the hardware development platform and embedded real-time operating system as the software development platform. The product has the characteristics of stability and reliability, high performance, high accuracy, low cost, and easy installation.

Performance characteristics

Stable and reliable

high performance

High precision

low cost

Easy to install

Product Features

Three remote functions : telemetry (including DC), remote signaling, remote control;
Fault detection and alarm, fault discrimination functions : over current, overload, load overload limit, etc .;
Remote / local operation : The remote / local closing and closing operations are mutually blocked, and the control exit is controlled by the soft and hard pressure plates.
Fault reset function : automatic reset, manual reset, remote remote reset; power function: dual power switch, automatically switch to the backup power supply when AC power failure, and realize automatic management of backup power (battery activation, alarm, Protective function;
Communication function : multiple network ports and serial ports, support multiple communication protocols, and can communicate with both uplink and downlink;
Status indication : there are obvious local status indication signals such as operation, communication, and line failure;
Extended functions : three-phase three-segment protection, zero-sequence current (voltage) protection, in-place recloser FA logic function, intelligent distributed FA function (master-slave / peer-to-peer).

Technical Parameters


With display function, can modify the parameters of the LCD panel


Rated voltage

AC220V / 100V, accuracy ≤ 0.5%

Rated current

5A / 1A, accuracy ≤ 0.5%

Working power

AC220V, dual

Power (active, reactive, power factor)

≤ 1%

DC voltage

Accuracy ≤ 0.2%


Remote Signal Power

DC24V / DC48V adaptive

SOE resolution

≤ 2ms

Software anti-shake time

0-65535ms can be set

Single / double-point remote signaling is optional

Remote control

Contact rating

AC220V / 10A, DC24V / 10A

output method

Empty contact output,
Pulse amount 1-65535ms can be set