Sales service hotline: 0532-58517159

Sales service hotline: 0532-58517159

YHX900C Infrared Meter Reading Meter

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Product Name: YHX900C Infrared Meter Reading Meter

product description

The remote infrared meter reading instrument adopts wireless communication method without any physical connection with the watt-hour meter. It can play a huge role in the collection, transmission and processing of watt-hour meter energy data. Compared with the existing similar systems, the infrared meter reading system has the characteristics of simple structure, low power consumption and low cost, and simple installation. Using 485 communication, it can read real-time electrical energy data, transmit back-end systems in a timely manner, and can be stored for a long time. The data greatly meets the needs of energy management.

Performance characteristics

Simple structure

Low power consumption and cost

easy installation