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Sales service hotline: 0532-58517159

Cabinet-type integrated DC charger

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Product name: Cabinet-type integrated DC charger

product description

DC charging piles are also fixedly installed outdoors, such as community parking lots, residential quarters, large shopping malls, service areas, roadside parking lots, special electric vehicle charging stations and other places. They are connected to the power grid to provide DC power for electric vehicle batteries. Device. Because the DC charging pile can directly charge the battery of electric vehicles, it generally uses three-phase four-wire system or three-phase three-wire system for power supply, and the adjustable range of output voltage and current is large, so it can realize fast charging of electric vehicles.

Performance characteristics

Large adjustable range of output voltage and current

Enables fast charging of electric vehicles

Rated DC output voltage

500V / 750V

Maximum output current of the whole machine


Rated input voltage


AC power frequency

45 ~ 55Hz

Power range

30 ~ 60kW

Full load efficiency

≥ 94%

Ambient temperature

-20 ℃ ~ + 55 ℃

Protection class

Outdoor IP54

Communication Interface

RS232 / RS485 / CAN / Ethernet / GPRS

Communication protocol with BMS

GB / T27930-2015

DC charging interface

GB / T20234.3-2015

charging method

Single shot single charge

Equipment size (mm)

500 * 570 * 1680 500 * 650 * 1680

Cabinet weight

140 (kg)

Standard charging gun length


Warranty period (month)

Equipment warranty period 24 months

Match models

Dongfeng Nissan (Qichen) / Beiqi E150 New / Beiqi E150 Old / Roewe E50 / BYD E6 / JAC iev4 / BYD Tengshi / Lifan Electric Passenger Car / Changan Electric Passenger Car / Nanjing Jinlong Pure Electric Bus / Xiamen Jinlong Coaster Bus / Zhongtong Bus / Wulong Bus / Haige Bus / Kowloon Bus / Golden Travel Bus