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Sales service hotline: 0532-58517159

Floor-standing AC charging pile

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Product name: Floor-standing AC charging pile

product description

AC charging piles are fixedly installed in community parking lots, residential quarters, large shopping malls, service areas, roadside parking lots and other places. They are connected to the power grid and provide controllable unidirectional AC power or three-phase AC power for electric vehicle car chargers Power supply unit.

Performance characteristics

Special power supply device adopting conduction method to provide AC power for electric vehicle with on-board charger

Controllable unidirectional AC power supply or three-phase AC power supply

Rated AC working voltage

220V / 380V

Maximum output current of the whole machine




Protection class


Smart Energy Meter Accuracy Level

2.0 level

Residual current protection rated operating time

≤ 0.1s

Connector mechanical operating life

≥ 10000 times

Mean time between failures

MTBF ≥ 8760h

User authentication IC card

Lightning protection

Class D lightning protection

charging method

Single shot single charge

Equipment size (mm)

550 * 1695 * 350/500 * 800 * 230

Cabinet weight

40 (kg)

Standard charging gun length


Warranty period (month)

Equipment warranty period 24 months

Match models

Dongfeng Nissan (Qichen) / Beiqi E150 New / Beiqi E150 Old / Roewe E50 / BMW Zeno / BYD E6 / JAC iev4 / BYD Tengshi / BYD K series (bus)