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Sales service hotline: 0532-58517159

Rail robot

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Product name: Rail robot

product description

The intelligent infrared online temperature monitoring and monitoring system mainly uses real-time monitoring of field equipment, and the monitoring data (infrared temperature measurement data, high-definition visible light pictures, video) is transmitted to the station monitoring center in real time using the optical fiber network, combined with the system's high temperature alarm function, so that staff can Monitor the working conditions and potential faults of substation equipment. By conducting online analysis of temperature changes of key equipment and lines, it can improve the ability of staff to predict and handle equipment defects in advance, and effectively improve the online monitoring capabilities of key equipment .

Performance characteristics

Two installation methods

Video display function

Image storage playback function

Video analysis and interactive functions

Device control functions

Alarm function

Long-term temperature change curve function for monitoring equipment

PTZ monitoring path setting function

Generate temperature curve

Real-time simultaneous display of multiple infrared and visible light

Hotspot alarm function

Monitoring scope and monitoring objects

Technical Parameters

Temperature resolution

0.05 ℃ (at 30 ℃)

The internet

100M network

Thermal camera data frame rate


Optical system focusing



Uncooled focal plane

Number of pixels 640 × 480 (PB640)

Number of pixels 320 X240 (PB320)

Working band


Standard lens spatial resolution


Temperature measurement range

-40 ~ 200 ℃ (extensible:-40 ~ 500 ℃)


Motorized lens 24 ° × 18 ° (autofocus, multiple lens options)

Visible light camera

Image Sensor

1 / 2.8 "Progressive Scan CMOS

Effective Pixels

2 million pixels

Maximum image size

1920 × 1080

Video compression

H.265 / H.264 / MJPEG

Analog video output

1.0V [pp] / 75Ω


BNC first 2

Minimum illumination

Color: 0.02Lux @ (F1.6, AGC ON)

B / W: 0.002Lux @ (F1.6, AGC ON)

White balance

Auto / Manual / Auto Tracking White Balance / Outdoor /

Indoor / fluorescent white balance / sodium white balance

PTZ function

Horizontal range

360 ° continuous rotation

Horizontal speed

Horizontal keying speed: 0.1 ° -160 ° / s,

Speed can be set horizontal preset point speed: 240 ° / s

Vertical range

-2 ° -90 ° (optional, auto flip)

Vertical speed

Vertical keying speed: 0.1 ° -120 ° / s,

Speed can be set to vertical preset speed: 200 ° / s


stand by

Number of preset points


Cruise scan

8 strips, each of which can add 32 preset points

Optional lens

stand by

Track parameters



Standard size

450X6000 (width X length)

Maximum moving load support


Number of preset positions

Max. 10

Moving speed

Can be set: 1-50mm / s

control precision


control method