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Sales service hotline: 0532-58517159

KYN61 Series Metal Armored Removable Switchgear

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Product name: KYN61 Series Metal Armored Removable Switchgear

product description

KYN61 series metal-armored removable switchgear is a new type of metal-armored removable switchgear designed and developed by Yihe Electric Group to increase the combination of production, learning, and research, and to jointly design and introduce advanced technology from Schneider.

Performance characteristics

Fully enclosed armored cabinet structure with stable and reliable performance and high mechanical strength

Perfect anti-misoperation function, reliable "five anti-blocking" design

Reliable grounding system with closed ground loop consisting of copper bars

Has a perfect propulsion mechanism to ensure reliable mechanical linkage

Adopt convection ventilation and heating exhaust to prevent condensation

Improve the internal pressure relief channel to ensure the safety of personal equipment

KYN61 switch cabinet main electrical parameters:



Rated voltage

40.5 kV

Rated insulation level

1min power frequency withstand voltage

95/115 kV

Lightning impulse withstand voltage

185/215 kV

Rated frequency

50 Hz

Rated current

1250, 1600, 2000, 2500, 3150 A

Rated short-circuit breaking current

20, 25, 31.5 kA

Rated peak withstand current

50, 63, 80 kA

4s short-time withstand current (effective value)

20, 25, 31.5 kA

Protection class

IP4X, IP2X when cart door is open

Dimensions (W * H * D)

With VYH4 circuit breaker

1200 (1400) * 2860 * 2600 mm

With VD4 circuit breaker

1200 * 2860 * 2600 mm

With FP type circuit breaker

1400 * 2860 * 2600 mm