Sales service hotline: 0532-58517159

Sales service hotline: 0532-58517159

12kV miniaturized box-type substation

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Product name: 12kV miniaturized box-type substation

product description

Box-type substations are mainly suitable for transformer substations with a capacity of 1250kVA and below. The box body is painted with high-quality cold-rolled steel surface. All door panels, side panels and top covers of the box body are filled with foam.

Performance characteristics

Special ventilation design

Cooling holes on the top cover along the wind, which can realize the self-investment of two routes.

Meet the requirements of the State Grid Intelligent Power Distribution Terminal

Can be used in harsh environments

    Spray painting process: zinc-rich primer + fluorocarbon topcoat, anti-corrosion effect can reach more than 25 years. Special ventilation design, shutter door: used in transformer room, rainproof and dustproof, reliable ventilation. Substrate bottom cutout ventilation hole: cold air It can automatically enter the cold wind holes along the top cover of the transformer room. After the cold air enters the box, natural ventilation is formed inside the box. ”Function, to realize automatic isolation of faulty lines, fast restoration of power supply, automatic backup of two incoming lines, seamless switching of backup power supply, suitable for optical fiber communication, wired communication, GPRS communication and other communication methods. The required perfect surface treatment can make the box used in more severe environments, such as plateau areas above 3000 meters above sea level, tunnels with heavy water vapor, etc.