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Sales service hotline: 0532-58517159

Multifunctional (wind and light storage) complementary energy storage solution

In the face of increasing global energy demand and environmental pressures, only renewable energy has permanent availability. However, limited to the instability and discontinuity of distributed generation, it is equipped with a battery energy storage system, which is the most effective way to solve this problem. It can not only solve the problem of population electricity consumption in non-electric areas, but also realize the large-scale storage of renewable energy and the use of micro-grid.

As a leader in wind storage and microgrid technology, we offer intelligent microgrid solutions to our customers. Microgrid is a recent focus of promotion. In the microgrid, energy storage is usually deployed. Whether it is for self-use or participation in electricity sales, energy storage will play a significant value. The intelligent microgrid is a small modular and decentralized energy supply network based on distributed generation technology, which realizes energy load and power quality management on the user side. It can realize the integrated operation of internal power supply and load, and pass the main Coordinated control of the power grid can smoothly access the main network or independent autonomous operation to meet the requirements of users for distributed power access, power quality, power supply reliability and security.

  • core advantages

    支持多样化能源发电方案进行互补,解决多场景用电问题 1 Support diversified energy generation solutions to complement each other and solve multi-scenario power problems

    减少了由电能远距离传输所带来的线损和各种稳定方面的问题 2 Reduce the line loss and various stability problems caused by long-distance transmission of electrical energy

    延缓了由于负荷不断增长所造成的电网的不断膨胀 3 Delayed the expansion of the grid due to increasing load

    降低供电成本,调节电力价格 4 reduce power supply costs, adjust the price of electricity

    减少各种碳化物的排放,绿色环保 5 reduce the emission of various carbides, green

    开发可再生新能源,提高能量综合利用率 6 Develop renewable new energy sources and improve energy utilization

  • Wind and solar storage complementary power generation system - reliable power supply scheme in no electricity area

    The wind and solar storage complementary power generation system (500W-10MW) makes the new energy independent power generation application a reality. The wind power complementary (with energy storage battery) power supply system can better solve the intermittent and unstable problems of wind energy and illumination. The implementation of off-grid applications for new energy generation and the normal use of electricity by residents in remote areas where large power grids are difficult to extend.

  • Microgrid system advantages

    建立微网系统独立运行,亦可与电网并网运行 1 Establish micro-grid system to operate independently, or run on the grid with the grid

    具备特定控制策略 2 with specific control strategies

    克服新能源发电的波动性、随机性、间歇性影响 3 Overcoming the volatility, randomness and intermittent impact of new energy generation

    减少大规模新能源介入对电力系统的冲击 4 reduce the impact of large-scale new energy intervention on the power system

    并离网运行,且可无缝切换 5 and off-grid operation, and can seamlessly switch

    集成光伏最大功率跟踪、储能充放电和逆变控制 6 integrated photovoltaic maximum power tracking, energy storage charge and discharge and inverter control

    完善的能量管理系统 7 perfect energy management system

Industrial and commercial off-grid energy storage system solutions

Solar energy and off-grid energy storage systems are widely used in factories, commercial areas, etc. where there is a large price difference between peaks and valleys, or frequent power outages. The system consists of a photovoltaic array, a combiner box, a solar energy and an off-grid integrated machine, a battery pack, a wind turbine, a load, and a power grid. The photovoltaic array converts the solar energy into electric energy in the presence of light, and supplies the load to the load through the solar control inverter. At the same time, the battery pack is charged, and the excess electricity can be sent to the grid; when there is no light, the grid is given the load. Power supply; when the power grid is out of power, the battery is powered by the inverter through the inverter.

System composition

是太阳能供电系统中的主要部分,也是太阳能供电系统中价值最高的部件,其作用是将太阳的辐射能量转换为直流电能; The solar cell module is the main part of the solar power supply system and the most valuable component of the solar power supply system. Its function is to convert the solar radiation energy into DC power;
主要功能分为2部分,MPPT太阳能控制器和双向DC/AC变流器,其作用是对太阳能电池组件所发的电能进行调节和控制,对蓄电池进行充电,并对蓄电池起到过充电保护、过放电保护的作用。 The main function of solar energy and off-grid integrated machine is divided into two parts, MPPT solar controller and bidirectional DC/AC converter. Its function is to regulate and control the electric energy generated by the solar cell module, charge the battery, and charge the battery. It plays the role of over-charge protection and over-discharge protection. At the same time, the DC power of the components and the battery is inverted into AC power for use by the AC load. When appropriate, the grid can also charge the battery.
其主要任务是贮能,以便在电网停电时保证负载用电。 The main task of the battery pack is to store energy so as to ensure that the load is used when the grid is out of power.

Schematic diagram of off-grid photovoltaic energy storage power generation system

System Features

微网运行抗扰能力强; 1 microgrid has strong anti-interference ability;

新能源就地最大限度消纳; 2 New energy sources are fully absorbed on the spot;

储能电池使用效能最佳; 3 energy storage battery has the best performance;

减少新能源接入队电网的冲击 4 reduce the impact of new energy access team grid

人性化报警功能,完善的在线保护功能; 5 humanized alarm function, perfect online protection function;

远程智能监控和管理。 6 remote intelligent monitoring and management.

实时监视储能单元、储能支路、储能回路各种运行数据,进行关联性分析,提供数据诊断和分析决策功能;在线分析电池串、电池堆、PCS及回路告警,故障信息,分析对储能系统运行可能产生的影响,及时提醒人员关注,并提前做好应对措施。 7 Real-time monitoring of various operational data of energy storage unit, energy storage branch and energy storage loop, correlation analysis, data diagnosis and analysis decision function; online analysis of battery string, battery stack, PCS and loop alarm, fault information, analysis Respond to the impact of the operation of the energy storage system, and promptly respond to the measures.

解决新能源发电的波动性、随机性、间歇性等问题 8 Solve the problems of volatility, randomness and intermittentness of new energy power generation

优化调度:优化调度决策功能,有功无功控制功能。 9 Optimized scheduling: Optimize scheduling decision function, active and reactive power control function. According to the superior power grid dispatching instructions, determine the charging and discharging power, coordinate the energy storage circuits and energy storage branches for power distribution, consider the impact of the fault loop, and optimize the active and reactive power dispatching strategy.

Application scenario

商业楼宇、工业园区新能源发电 1 Commercial buildings, industrial parks, new energy generation

无电区或者电网不稳定地区;通讯基站、孤岛供电; 2 no electricity area or unstable grid area; communication base station, island power supply;

对电网要求较高的负载需求、UPS应用; 3 requires higher load requirements and UPS applications for the grid;

峰谷电价明显的地区; 4 areas where the peak and valley electricity prices are obvious;

Microgrid / Energy Storage Solution - Service Case

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