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Intelligent power transmission and transformation solution

Intelligent power transmission and transformation solution

Yihe Electric Group specializes in intelligent products and services to provide customers with intelligent power transmission and transformation solutions. The company has a new generation of distribution network feeder automation products, continuously integrates IT technology, adopts distributed network protection technology, relies on high-speed optical network communication, and makes rapid decision-making between intelligent terminals (DRTU) to realize fault location of feeders in the existing ground layer. The fault is isolated and the power is restored, further reducing the power outage range and power outage time.

The implementation of Yihe intelligent power transmission and transformation solution can effectively improve the automation degree and management level of the distribution network, and improve the stability and economy of power supply. At the same time, it provides users with advanced application functions such as power flow calculation, power outage management, load forecasting, simulation analysis, and economic operation, providing system access, metering management, and Internet query functions for distributed new energy, and comprehensive management of the distribution network. The development plan provides technical support and decision-making basis, which provides a strong guarantee for the rapid development of the social economy.

Intelligent GIS

Intelligent GIS (SF6 gas-insulated metal-enclosed switch) has excellent breaking performance, and adopts three-station isolated earthing switch and three-pole common box design, which is compact in structure. GIS has an online monitoring and secondary intelligent control function; the intelligent terminal is installed locally, which can realize the operation of the switch and the knife gate in the interval and the signal feedback. The application of GOOSE technology saves the use of the whole station cable. The electronic transformer transmits digital signals such as current and voltage to the merging unit through the optical cable in FT3 format to realize measurement digitization.

Intelligent metal armored switchgear

The intelligent metal armored switchgear adopts advanced signal monitoring and micro-processing technology to realize complete status monitoring, status indication, video image, integrated alarm, auxiliary control, auxiliary management and diagnosis of external communication of intelligent switchgear, and conforms to IEC61850 communication. protocol.

The intelligent grounding switch and the electric chassis are interlocked with each other, and they also have functions such as manual priority and remote operation.

Intelligent vacuum circuit breaker:

Complete mechanical properties online monitoring

Current waveform monitoring of opening and closing coil and energy storage motor

Video image of the primary contact of the circuit breaker in and out

Online detection of the temperature of the main contact part of the circuit breaker

Overall condition monitoring, diagnosis, and alarm of the circuit breaker mechanism

A variety of external communication methods, data storage can be accessed at any time

Electrical operation of the circuit breaker from the working position to the test position can be realized by background software, a handheld terminal or a local intelligent device

Switching equipment status online monitoring and fault diagnosis system:

Temperature rise (node, environment) status online real-time monitoring and alarm

On-line detection and analysis of mechanical properties of operating mechanisms

Recording record 1 min before and 2 min after failure

Online monitoring and alarm of insulation status

Power quality monitoring

Intelligent metal armored switchgear

Intelligent low-voltage power distribution equipment has been intelligent, communicable and networked from low-voltage electrical components to complete power distribution equipment.

Highly configured power distribution equipment:

Since the digital instrument, fire detector, frequency conversion, soft start, frame circuit breaker controller and some molded case circuit breakers can have communication and control functions, these function interfaces are connected to the field bus or connected to DCS Ethernet through the adapter. The operator can control the power distribution equipment in the field in the monitoring room, and intuitively understand the real-time parameters of the site conditions and equipment operation.

Low configuration power distribution equipment:

The switching components do not have the function of communication. Our company can collect and upload the parameters and status of the equipment through digital collectors, sensors, such as PLC installation, and issue some control commands.

The application of intelligent technology enables the intelligent and centralized control of the power distribution cabinet to achieve the “four remote” functions of remote control, telemetry, remote communication and remote adjustment. The development of intelligent and centralized control of power distribution cabinets has liberated a large amount of labor, saved a lot of materials, and made us more reliable in controlling the distribution equipment of dangerous special occasions.

Distribution network automation products

The distribution network automation series products can meet the needs of distribution network regulation and integration, realize unified centralized management of distribution network dispatching, monitoring and control, and provide various FA implementation modes to meet the automation requirements of various field conditions. At the same time, it provides a comprehensive solution including intelligent distribution network automation main station software, intelligent distribution network automation terminal products, intelligent distributed FA system, intelligent switch controller series products, which can adapt to the monitoring, self-healing and management of distribution network system. Analysis and decision support.

Intelligent power transmission and transformation solution - service case

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