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Sales service hotline: 0532-58517159

Capital management

Basic business category introduction

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    Equity investment

    The company uses the funds to directly invest in the financing company, enjoys or controls the equity of the invested company according to the capital contribution, enters the board of directors or the board of supervisors of the invested company as a strategic investor, and participates in important decision-making and management until the investment exits or liquidates. .

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    Debt investment

    Debt investment refers to the investment made for the acquisition of creditor's rights. The company does not make the investment to obtain the remaining assets of other enterprises, but to obtain the corresponding interest income and guarantee the recovery of principal and interest on schedule.

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    Short-term financial investment

    The company directly makes short-term financial investments in natural persons, legal persons or other economic organizations, receives fixed income and does not participate in the decision-making of the invested projects, and the financing party provides guarantees such as mortgage, pledge, lien and third-party guarantees until the investment exits or liquidates. .

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    Trustee asset management (physical assets)

    Our company is entrusted with physical assets for transfer, leasing, debt-to-equity swap, share-to-equity swap, merger and reorganization, asset securitization and operation management, etc., with a view to increasing the value of assets and obtaining the maximum return on investment.

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    Capital investment consulting

    Investors' investment intentions and specific requirements for investment projects; screening appropriate projects for investors, making reasonable investment advice; assisting in the completion of the Project Feasibility Analysis, providing a basis for investor decision-making.

Introduction to innovative business types

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    Bond investment

    Our company invests in RMB bonds and foreign currency bonds issued in China according to law, including government bonds, quasi-government bonds, corporate (company) bonds and other bonds that meet the requirements.

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    Trustee asset management (financial assets)

    According to the trustee's requirements for capital security, profitability and liquidity, the company uses its professional operation and resource integration capabilities to manage the financial assets of the trustee and maintain value.

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    Private fund management

    Our company absorbs specific investors to jointly invest, as a private equity fund management institution, and is entrusted to manage private equity investment funds to invest in projects.

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    Non-performing asset acquisition and disposal

    In accordance with relevant laws and regulations, our company comprehensively uses the means and methods within the scope of business to operate the activities of the acquired non-performing assets.

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    Asset Securitization

    Our company relies on the cash flow generated by the underlying assets as reimbursement support, and carries out credit enhancement through structured methods, and on this basis, issues the business activities of asset-backed securities.

Capital Management Solutions - Service Cases

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