Sales service hotline: 0532-58517159

Sales service hotline: 0532-58517159

Intelligent manufacturing

Intellgent Manufacturing

Yihe focuses on high-quality product production, and strives to achieve the goal of “Made in China 2025”. At the same time, it introduces foreign intelligent production equipment, optimizes the operation of production lines, and builds an intelligent information sharing platform, so that each product can meet high standards. Produced under strict quality requirements and refined quality requirements. Now it has developed and produced 126-252kV combination electric appliances, 40.5kV and below high and low voltage switchgear, 12-40.5kV circuit breaker series products, box-type substation, ring network cabinet and intelligent supporting components.

Intelligent manufacturing

The main business of Yihe Electric Group's complete business division is the research and development, production and sales of electric power complete sets of equipment and accessories. The leading products are 252KV and below voltage grade transmission and distribution complete sets of equipment, with an overall production capacity of 1.5 billion yuan. More than 20 suppliers of power switch equipment.

Yihe Electric Group's complete set of business units has consistently adhered to the management policy of “Quality First Management Standards, Change, Innovation and Sustainable Management”, constantly improving the technology and quality of products, so that “Yihe” products always use high-quality materials and advanced technology. And maintain a consistent high level of technology, and won the praise and market share of customers at home and abroad, and has established technical cooperation with famous domestic and foreign electrical companies and research and development institutions such as ABB, Schneider, SIEMENS, China Electric Power Research Institute, Xi'an High Voltage Electrical Apparatus Research Institute. R & D projects, and through the establishment of a school-enterprise cooperation model with domestic institutions of higher learning to obtain technical support from power experts to ensure that technological advancement is always at the forefront of the industry.

The brand is a famous brand in Shandong. The company has been recognized as a high-tech enterprise in Qingdao, an innovative enterprise in Qingdao, a “contract-honoring and credit-worthy” and “AAA-level credit” enterprise in Shandong Province, and has passed ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001, 3C four systems and CQC. , PCCC and other system certification. Yihe Electric Group's complete business division will use diversified research and development as a platform to continuously input vital products for enterprises, realize the manufacturing from intelligent manufacturing to smart new manufacturing, and create intelligent, energy-saving, transmission and distribution equipment and research base.

  • Production assembly capability and process equipment

    The company covers an area of more than 120 acres, has 3 fully functional modern production plants, complete supporting facilities, smooth process layout, now has automatic CNC processing line, robot bending machine, automatic stereo warehouse, ultra-clean assembly room, switch Various advanced production equipments such as cabinet assembly lines and various circuit breaker assembly lines fully meet the needs of production and assembly of various products, and have been identified as Shandong Province Intelligent Manufacturing Demonstration Base.

  • Plate intelligent processing system

  • Japan Murata 钣金Flex production line

  • Automated Warehouse

  • Ring network cabinet assembly line

  • Circuit breaker assembly line

  • Test ability

    The company's existing professional team of various product inspection / test, has participated in the training of high-voltage technology, high-voltage switch manufacturing technology, transformer technology and high-voltage electrical equipment test and electrical equipment fault diagnosis technology of Xi'an Jiaotong University and industry organizations. All test personnel are certified and have high quality. They are familiar with national standards (GB), industry standards (DL), international standards (IEC) and related test requirements. They are skilled in business, strong in technical ability, and have many years of experience in the industry.

    At the same time, the company has a fully shielded test hall, with a variety of test capabilities, equipped with lightning impulses, temperature rise equipment, PD equipment, flaw detectors and other dozens of advanced testing equipment, fully equipped to complete the test.

  • Shield test hall

  • Production line online inspection

  • 氦Pure leak detector

  • Shielded PD laboratory